Top Five Places To Consider Visiting In Peru When Building Your Travel Itinerary

Top Five Places To Consider Visiting In Peru When Building Your Travel Itinerary 

South America is a diverse region to visit. Andean peaks, Amazonian rainforest, Patagonian glaciers, Incan ruins, colonial towns, white-sand beaches and vertiginous nightlife: the wonders of South America set the stage for incredible adventures. No matter how complex your trip is, South America is a great destination for honeymooners, groups, solo travel and bucket list getaways.

Depending on the length of your trip, you might have enough time to explore the route from Chile to Colombia, visit Ecuador`s Volcan Cotopaxi, or walk the cobblestoned streets of Cartagena. But if Machu Picchu is what attracts you to this region the most, you should incorporate the following top 5 places to visit in Peru into your itinerary.

Machu Picchu

tom-cleary-771656-unsplashMachu Pichu was a hidden city of the Incas and today its purpose still remains a mystery. It’s best to arrive when the gates open to avoid crowds of tourists and to get that picture with dreamy sunrise lighting. Take a tour around the ruins to hear some of the fascinating theories on its history. If you’re lucky you will meet one of the local hillside Llamas too.


giacomo-buzzao-612223-unsplashThink of Cusco as the hub for exploring all things Inca-related. It’s where most tours to the Sacred Valley set-off from but it also has a lot to offer itself. Taking a walking tour is a great way to get your bearings in the city and see some of the details you would otherwise miss just wondering around.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas

carlos-olaizola-96456-unsplashThis magical place has a little bit of everything for everyone. Keen hikers can find miles of trails to be explored with views of turquoise lakes and snowy peaks. Those who want to experience the Sacred Valley but don’t fancy hiking can find Inca ruins and hot springs dotted around.


maxresdefault 1This Inca ruin is found on the outskirts of Cusco town. Be prepared to climb quite a few steps to get around and stare in awe of how the Incas managed to build something from such huge rocks, without the help of modern machinery. Plus, the views of the surrounding mountains and Cusco town are pretty magnificent from up there.

The Amazon

photo-1534360682754-fb2d73fd4e56Nearly the whole Eastern side of Peru makes up a part of the Amazon rainforest but heading north offers a truly unique experience. The city of Iquitos acts as a gateway to the Amazon and can only be accessed via boat or air. Travelling up the Amazon river itself is an unforgettable way to enter the rainforest and encounter its biodiversity. Visiting traditional villages and seeing their indigenous culture is one of the main reasons to visit the Amazon here, as well as spot wildlife like the endangered pink river dolphin.

Your travel through Peru can be unique and tailor made experience. Below are just some ideas how to customize your trip:

  • Travel by Vistadome train and stay at the only hotel on site at Machu Picchu, enjoying extra time to explore this spectacular “Lost City”
  • Embark on shore excursions to local villages and markets for a deeper understanding of the Amazon and its people
  • Feed llamas, alpacas and vicuñas, and learn about shearing and weaving techniques at a breeding center for camelids
  • Mingle with the farmers and children of the Sacred Valley of the Incas during a visit to a remote village
  • Kayak a remote lagoon secluded high in the Andes Mountains
    Cruise out to Palomino Island and take a dip with the resident sea lions

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