Psychology of Travel Planning Approach in Men and Women

Travel planning is an art. The art of converting your vision into a tangible experience. Travel planners are artists who create tailor made trips with heart and personality. In a way they are also psychologists. They get to deal with people`s emotions and insecurities. People seek professional help not only because they see us as experts, but also because they are able to connect with us on a deeper, more personal level. You only win a client if the client can relate to you and read our energy. Otherwise people turn to online booking as an alternative.

Over the years working one-on-one with clients, I came to the realization that in order for me to win clients` trust and build long term relationships, I had to understand their pshycology.

It’s not a secret to anyone that women and men have a totally different approach to making decisions. Travel related decisions are no exception. Both men and women require a differnt approach which I will try to unleash.

Men have a different mindset where they tend to rush for the finish line. Men quite often do not know what they are looking for and generally do not care about details of the trip. However they need to know and understand the bigger picture. They like the idea of travel, and that’s why they seek an expert to guide them through the process. Even though men appreciate details, they are not detail driven, but simply need to know that everything is taken care of.

Women, on the other hand, like to explore, change direction and vocalize their underlying concerns. They like options and take their time to do research. They deconstruct the various components of the experience in order to find areas of improvement. Therefore, any travel related investment they make has to bring them sense of stability and security. Otherwise, they will never be at peace with the decision.

When it comes to making travel related decisions, men like to act fast and do not overthink. Women tend to be less impulsive.

So what approach is the best when working with both genders?

When working with men, paint an overall picture of the travel experience. Highlight things that will blow them away and get them excited right away. Emphasize how the trip will make them feel and how they will be taken care of. Show them advantages of going on that trip.

When working with women, keys are in details. Women like to be particular. They like to feel safe and know that their investment is worth the money. Sell women on the idea of how you can turn their vision into a once in life time experience. Needless to say, women also love to envision their picture-perfect trip before they make a travel investment, but that extra step of going deeper into details is what they truly look for. It brings them sense of security and and overall control.

Either way, working with clients is exciting. Travel planning allows us to offer clients tailor made exceptional experiences, piece of mind, happiness and so much more.

If you are not ready to plan your next trip on your own and looking for professional help, I would be happy to help.

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By Yuliya Kovelman

Personal Travel Planners,

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