The World of Personal Travel Planning

Welcome to the world of personal travel planning!

If you ever took a trip in your life, you know what it takes to plan one. Hours of research, creating a plan, day to day activities, choosing where to stay and where to eat. These are only tips of the iceberg. Transportation, air fares, tickets, and logistics of it all. It can be quite exhausting and time consuming.

And to be frank, it is. Especially, for people who have no time, no patience and resources to fully dedicate themselves to planning.

We live in a fast-paced world. Running business, families, activities is a balancing act many of us cannot keep up with. We are overwhelmed.

There is a great quote “You only die once, but you live every day”. TRAVEL is a great game changer for many. It allows us to take a break, relax and reconnect with loved ones. But TRAVEL PLANNED FOR YOU is a life changer.

What is personal travel planning?


Personal travel planning by PERSONAL TRAVEL PLANNERS is a concierge service based in New York City. Our mission is to customize and personalize every aspect of your trip based on your needs as a traveler and as a person. We get to know you before any planning begin. Then we craft an itinerary created with you in mind and your original vision for a trip. We select private tours, luxury accommodations and all sorts of transportation required. We plan the entire itinerary in such a way that allows you to experience local culture in any shape and form you prefer.

A travel planner will arrange all travel plans without you ever having need to spend time doing research, making decisions, and being uncertain about things. We always listen to you and adjust the plans. We are creating your travel experience, after all.

This allows you to be a traveler, not a tourist. You can have a solid plan and know what  comes next. Experience a stress-free trip full of life long memories.

Who can benefit the most from personal travel planning?

We recognize that not everyone would benefit from using our service. Not everybody requires such attention. But if:

  • A planning process overwhelms you;
  • You are unwilling to spend countless hours doing research and making travel arrangements;
  • You enjoy short getaways with family and friends and feel confident booking those yourself. Yet, when it comes to planning complex trips, you would rather delegate this task;  Or
  • You love to travel in a certain way and feel secure and safe knowing that everything is taken care of and fully planned just for you.

Then you would certainly enjoy a personal travel planning service!

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By Yuliya Kovelman

Personal Travel Planners,


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  1. Interesting read! I’m the type that doesn’t have the time to do all the travel panning thing. I would really need the personal travel planning service for my next trip. Quite informative article. Thank you.

  2. Wow! I love this, I won’t hesitate to get a personal travel planner. I know how my last trip was due to no proper planning and I really don’t have the time to put in the plan prior to travelling. This would be very helpful.

  3. Got a travel planner that planned my last trip and everything went well for me unlike the other trips. It’s really good to hire a personal travel planer. Nice read.

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