Have you ever dreamed of going on trip that is fully planned and customized to your needs and expectations? Yes, you surely did!


  • A planning process overwhelms you;
  • You are unwilling to spend countless hours doing research and making travel arrangements;
  • You enjoy short getaways with family and friends and feel confident booking those yourself. Yet, when it comes to planning complex trips, you would rather delegate this task;  Or
  • You love to travel in a certain way and feel secure and safe knowing that everything is taken care of and fully planned just for you!

If you recognized yourself above, then you definitely would enjoy help of a Personal Travel Planner.

Hire a Personal Travel Planner!

Personal travel planning is a concierge service. Our mission is to customize and personalize every aspect of your trip based on your needs as a traveler and as a person. We get to know you before any planning begins. Then we craft an itinerary with you in mind and your original vision for a trip. We select private tours, luxury accommodations and all sorts of transportation required. We plan the entire itinerary in such a way that allows you to experience local culture in any shape and form you prefer.

A travel planner will arrange all travel plans without you ever having need to spend time doing research, making decisions, and being uncertain about things. We always listen to you and adjust the plans on the go. We are creating your travel experience, after all.

This allows you to be a traveler, not a tourist. You can have a solid plan and know what comes next. Experience a stress free trip full of life long memories.

This is all possible with help of a Personal Travel Planner.




Personal Travel Planners is a travel planning firm.  We are based in New York City.

Our Specialty: 

We specialize in creating custom travel itineraries and unique experiences. That includes covering all aspects of the trips.

Our Clients: 

Our clients are people who do not feel comfortable planning travel themselves. Yet, they are looking for exclusivity and experiential tailor made travel.

What We Bring To The Table: 

  •  Numerous perks and upgrades we can offer our clients.
  • Confidence that we sell all destinations with. That comes with maintaining connections with established tour operators and local suppliers around the world.
  • Undivided attention. Working with handful of clients at a time allows us to form  special relationships with them and be fully dedicated to each and every one before and while they travel. All clients we work with become our extended family and we treat them as family. 



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Planning a unique and complex trip should not be overwhelming in any way.

If you are genuinely looking for help to arrange your future trip, it is a great time to schedule our initial telephone/ Zoom consultation.

This is the time when we get to know each other and see whether we are a great fit to work together. As well as we would like to understand your travel needs and how you envision your trip.

This will allow us to get a clear picture on whether we will be able to fulfill each other`s expectations.

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What is the difference between a travel agent and a personal travel planner?

The difference is in the approach we take as a company, which allows us to position ourselves as travel planners.

1. We do not act as a middle person between a travel supplier and a client we work with.
2. We do not take orders and try to beat the online price a client finds online to win their business.
3. We create packages from scratch, and work closely with experienced tour operators and local suppliers around the world to customize every trip.
4. We provide a concierge service.

What is included in your services?

Our services cover the following:
1. One on one work with a client prior to crafting any package. We take our time to get to know a client as a person and his/her personal preferences as a traveler.
2. Creating a map of the trip with preliminary day-to-day activities.
3. Making adjustments and changes based on client`s feedback.
4. Making all the bookings. That includes air, accommodations, transportation (car rentals, train/ferry tickets), transfers and tours.
5. Suggesting an entertainment program, including shows, theater premiers, and restaurants. Making bookings, if requested.
6. Purchasing a travel insurance.
7. Providing a client with all necessary information as to visa requirements and vaccinations for specific destinations.
8. Client support/ communication while the actual trip takes place.

How do you stay in touch with your clients during their travel?

There are multiple ways to do so:
1. Our custom phone app. Not only it contains clients` detailed day-to-day itinerary and all relevant information, but also has a messenger that we use to communicate with them while travelling abroad.
2. Hotels our clients stay at. We closely monitor and address any issue client`s may encounter in order to address them.

Is your service free?

The initial consultation is free. Once the client decides to retain us, there is once time fee for our services.

How long does it take to put a travel itinerary together?

It depends on the complexity of a specific trip and its length. Some itineraries may take a week to put together, others take longer. It also depends on how many destinations/countries we cover.
Our goal is to create a custom trip that suits clients` style of travel and their personal style.

Who is your ideal client?

We work with different types of clientele:
–   People who are overwhelmed by planning process;
–   People unwilling to spend time doing research and travel arrangements;
– People who do not feel comfortable planning complex trips abroad themselves;
–   People who prefer to use professional help.
For more information, please refer to Home page.

What types of trips do you usually plan?

We cover many types of travel:
– River/ocean cruises;
– Hotel/resort stays;
– Private/escorted/group tours.
Our specialty is complex trips, so we easily combine different types of travel into one creating unique experiences.

What destinations do you specialize in?

We do not specialize in destinations. Our specialty is planning complex trips and creating itineraries curated to clients` needs. Relationships that we maintain with tour operators and local suppliers/vendors allow us sell all major world destinations with confidence.

What travel budgets do you work with?

We work with variety of budgets. Each trip is unique and every client has different personal travel style. Generally, people using our services have budgets not less than $7,000.